I love the title of your book, and can’t wait to read it.

I grew up in a violent home, and therefore I was angry for a very long time. And…not just any kind of anger, but rage.

Rage is an entirely different kind of anger. It’s almost palpable and people feel it, even when you suppress it, which being female in this society one is REQUIRED to do that.

But even so people, both male and female, could feel it, inside of me, and…it made them cautious…it made them careful…people do not step to me any kinda crazy way. So I’d posit anger, especially rage, is power for anyone, male or female.

But…holding on to prolonged rage is not healthy for anyone. It makes you sick, it breaks you down, if it traces back to some deeply buried childhood injustices, all that has to be brought forth and dealt with before you can be made whole.

I did that. I wrote a book too, and it was all about getting over that rage, and moving on to health and healing.

These days, whenever I seem enraged, it’s largely an act, simply because I know how powerful the appearance of rage is.

I say all of that to say this…it’s a slippery slope, anger and rage, you gotta get control over it, or it will control you…and that can and often does lead to disastrous consequences.

Working with the Light!