I love this! Way to split the baby John! And David Piepgrass I don’t necessarily disagree with you on this, either, I just know it’s not for me. I have thought about it…what if there is no God? What if all that stuff I was taught in Bible School, really is just a bunch of fairy tales? (and in a way, it is)

But…I’ve revised my concept of God so that it is more advanced, more expanded and works for me. Who is to say I’m not just making this up to make myself feel better about having to abandon the Christian version of God? (Which I never fully embraced anyway.) I mean so little about that God adds up.

He is contradicting himself all over the Bible…he is a loving God, he’s an all powerful God, he’s an angry God, he’s a jealous God, he’s a vengeful God. He loves man…and yet, he and the devil play games with righteous men, for kicks and to satisfy their own egos…Book of Job. He gives up on men, and destroys their cities. He turns a man’s wife into a pillar of salt for being curious!?!?!?! As a kid, I was like, WTF? Really God? That seemed so cruel to me, not very loving at all! God is the father…of Jesus, but also the same as Jesus and also the Holy Spirit…it’s like come on! Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge that this makes no sense?

And, for the Catholics and the Episcopalians (but not the Baptists) God sends you to hell for all eternity, for mistakes that you made in your blip in time in your tiny mortal life? Like really? So God’s like Donald Trump?

But the Baptists…get this…all you have to do if you are Baptist, is say these magic words- Jesus Christ is my savior! And that gets you a free pass to commit whatever sins you like! You can be Hitler! You can kill babies for kicks, as long as you say those magic words, right before you die, you get into heaven…and Jesus will love you forever and ever, no matter what you did, because Jesus died for your sins, so says the Baptists. COME ON!

So, I had to create a different God. One that made sense to me. It’s not something I can fully explain to anyone (as you have seen here on Medium) but, it makes sense to me at least.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!