I love your world of ideas! I really do!

Hate when you dig into the world as you see it now, because BY GOD, that shit is depressing as all hell. And…it’s not that I don’t think it’s not mostly true…it’s just that focusing on any of that shit for too long will kill anyone’s spirit.

I think the focus needs to be on what’s right, and not what’s wrong…cause there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much wrong.

Do you know what someone said to me? And I know it’s going to sound totally insane — and maybe it is- but it’s a wonderful “what if?” It’s a wonderful thought to think. An amazing idea.

Someone said to me, IF (it’s a big of for sure) but if enough people wake up…if enough people refuse to give energy to and believe in this plutocratic dystopia we’re on the edge of, THEN (an even bigger then) all of the soldiers would put down their guns…all the tanks would stop running…all the bombs would fail to detonate AND we’d all be free of this sick paradigm.

It’s a big IF…for sure. But I think of it often. If thoughts have power (and certainly they do) shouldn’t we all be thinking on that BIG IF?

Sometimes you do, like today, and a few days before. When you do this, sadly, you don’t get the kinds of support and encouragement that you do when you are railing against the system, I notice…only a few followers are willing to entertain your really big thoughts.

But…some of them do…and it’s such an awesome thing; because it really does help. Just spiritually it helps.

Can you imagine, perhaps you can, how disheartening it feels for the spiritually aware to be working within, and yet, beleaguered and inundated with the injustice and oppression of all of these world systems? Moving from the micro to the macro? Seeing the nonstop connections and expansions and the corruption and the darkness growing weaker (by exposure) but also stronger (by identification).

Can you imagine how sick it feels to know, to really understand, that you live in a world that is largely fine with the terrorization and destruction of babies? That there are all these systems in place that work hard to justify that? It’s like not only knowing that there are monsters among you, but that the monsters are everywhere, working these systems and attempting to convince everyone that they come into contact with that this sort of evil is actually good! And people (who should know better) are drinking the Kool-Aid and running with it.

It’s a difficult time…to be a feeling/thinking human…and although you focus on America, I think this is true the world over.

It feels like humanity is in a period of reckoning. When you speak of your ideas, you explain this quite effectively.

What can we do? What can we do?!?!?!???? Many of us wonder in complete and total exasperation!

We can change our consciousness. And RAPIDLY as you stated above. We need to do this QUICKLY!!!! As time appears to be of the essence.

More like this Cait! You can influence so many! People are looking for truth…and they know they are not getting it. They look to you to point it out, but will we ever know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from this twisted Matrix we seem to be trapped within?

No! I think there are so many illusions, that it’s unknowable. The only truth that any of us can really know is our own Christ consciousness — or just consciousness if you have a problem with Christ.

But for the love of God, aren’t we all better off when we think of good things? Think of guns that cannot launch bullets and bombs that can’t detonate. Think of children, all children, healthy, happy and whole with all of their needs met. Just think of it.

Working with the Light!

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