I made to about 25…then I had to stop, because if I didn’t I would vomit. I was smelling the stench of rank, blatant corruption. How can you even stand to write it all down? When you see it so very clearly articulated, it’s beyond disgusting. Congress needs to be impeached!

120 million for Trump’s slush fund!!!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!!!! These Trumps are fleecing America for everything it has! And then these stooges who parrot “Trump’s not doing it for the money!” Ugh! Dumb and dumber!

He’s such a crook! And he’s conned half a country into his criminal schemes! 25 million in look out, the other 25 million driving the get away car, and he’s gonna kill them all.

Again, thanks for doing this. Because it seems no one else is…we need to know, what’s really going on.

New titles for you: Corruption 101 or The Fleecing of a Nation.

Working with the Light!