I mean really! If the assertion is that this article is connected via time to the violence that African-Americans (as well as many others) are experiencing at the hands of the police, there would never be a time when one could write such an article, (without one inferring a connection) because the violence is nonstop. I personally read the article, considered it to be a very well written historic piece, and saw no connection whatsoever to current events primarily because the writer did not create one. Certainly, she could have made the connection to the current racial landscape in America if she wanted to, but she did not. Given the depth of research required for such an article, I am certain that she was not writing this as a reactionary piece. What I am wondering, just out of sheer curiosity, why does this piece bother you so, really? What is it exactly that you find so “sloppy?” How does one find the truth “sloppy?” How does one, claiming to be so proud of their American heritage, when faced with the truth of what exactly is involved with that heritage, find all of that “sloppy?” What exactly do you think America is? How do you think this great America was built? The truth is it was built on the bloody blacks of slaves and the graves of countless Americans who were here prior to European settlers arrival. But you don’t like that story huh? It’s “sloppy.” And inconvenient. No one wants to face these inconvenient truths.

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