I mean the whole “who cares?” Argument is just mind-boggling. Be so carefree about BLM protesters rioting in the streets then. If a blatant disregard for laws and structures that are in place for the benefit of America don’t matter for Donald Trump, then it need not matter for any damn body. None of us should pay taxes! Every time something happens that we don’t like, lets riot in the streets! And we should all make business deals where we don’t pat for services rendered, and we should all file for bankruptcy when we don’t want to pay our bills. If it’s good for the goose…okay I’m being sarcastic about all these things. But my point is, and I was undecided but definitely feeling pushed to vote against Trump, because a vote for Trump more and more is a vote for people who support chaos, violence and anarchy. I can’t believe his supporters and what they have turned him into. He used to be okay, he has become virtually unrecognizable.

Working with the Light!

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