I never said all…but I believe deportation was seriously considered during the Marcus Garvey movement. I’d have to do some research to back that up though. I am admittedly sketchy on the details.

So if I remember this correctly…Liberia - which was an American territory in Africa established for freed slaves or freed blacks due to the fact that actually having free black people roaming around America, while so many were still enslaved caused major problems for slave owners - was the country to which blacks have been deported. Some free blacks went on their own accord, but others, I believe were forced out.

I personally have heard the slur, ‘go back to Africa” more times than I care to remember. (And surely you have too. It’s the epitome of a tired and unoriginal racist cliche.)

But, as a student journalist, I got a fresh spin on it when another student journalist wrote (in response to one of my articles) “if you are dissatisfied with your experiences in America, feel free to go back to Africa, TWA (remember them?) has fares for around $300.”

Very polite. Kinda funny…but kinda really racist…

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!