I never said “They all coons” but you’re trying to make it a thing.

Milly-mill “Chile I’m from Mississippi” is one of the most militant black people, I’ve ever known, so I clearly recognize that there is tremendous diversity in the South, among both blacks and whites.

I came to the South (well Northern Virginia, which is unique) and was pressured to conform to norms I did not culturally understand. I understand them now. And I get why someone acts in was that I would describe as “coonish, bafoonish” etc. It is a method of survival in a white Supremacists culture that insists upon that kind of behavior from blacks.

Now if you happen to be black, and insist that I adopt those behaviors because we share the same race, it’s a problem, because we don’t share the same culture. Also, conforming to those norms was also difficult because I choose to purposely disrupt them, via my career choice. I do nothing but confront white people in power, I’m doing it right now, in a case I’m working.

There are vast cultural conflicts among a variety of groups, and there are still serious intercultural issues among African-Americans, that I feel is a regional divide, in part,based on my experiences as a civil rights attorney, in an incredibly diverse metropolitan area (Washington DC). I have had Southern black folks, within this area, tell me I “don’t know my place” (mainly Boomers though, I’m Gen X) and while what they meant by that is debatable, what they seemed to find irksome was interactions with whites as if I was an equal; and they really disliked it if I became confrontational, which I sometimes am, because there’s only so much bullshit and spin I can tolerate. (You tell me you gonna get these nooses of the damn lockers but they’re multiplying…I’m gonna get a little testy, and call you on your bullshit.) Thats just me. That’s how I roll.

You seem to think I don’t have respect for Southern black culture. That’s not true. I certainly do. I understand it’s a culture of survival, but, I’m not going to act like I understand the choice to survive in this country in that particular way. It wasn’t a choice that my family made, coming off those Southern plantations, but my family was lucky. My family had options, unique and unusual options that certainly weren’t available to all.

I currently live in Richmond, Virginia (the Capital of the Confederacy) where there is now a great deal of discussion about taking down HUGE confederate statues that are all over the city. Largely, that conversation is being led by white people of a certain type of affiliation (progressive, I suppose). And although Richmond has a large and vibrant African-American population and culture, the statues are not a priority on the agenda. There is to much other stuff that is far more immediate, like a criminal justice system that makes 200k off of every black or brown youth it snatches.

Now, that is a hell of a thing to have to deal with and if you’re a young black male in other part of VA that is not Northern VA, it’s a huge threat. All energy goes into surviving THAT particular threat. So I get that we can’t all be confrontational, but some of us absolutely need to be confrontational.

MLK and Malcolm X, truly tag-teamed the mfer that is American racism. And talk about broad brushes, they’ve both been idiotically sound-bitten, to the point that America really has no idea who the fuck they really were. MLK actually grew to be more “threatening” as time went on, which is why he was assassinated in some deep state bullshit. Malcolm X got more spiritual and peaceful, and it was the Nation of Islam that took him out, on their bullshit.

Either way, they both died for what they stood for. Both approaches were necessary, and together they pushed race relations forward, in certain ways.

Then you have a Clarence Thomas, out of Mississippi or Alabama? Anyway, just why? Are you really going to tell me he’s not trying to drag black people back into slavery? If you’re not, you’ve never read a damn opinion he’s written for that Supreme Court. Thst fucker is Uncle Ruckus in the Flesh. I’m not going to pretend like that particular prototype doesn’t exist for your personal comfort. Yes black people, (usually dark-skinned Southern black men) do make deals with the devil. And, on a certain level I get it. They want to live. But, I am going to call it out for what it is.

On the urban side of the equation, some black people are just way too ghetto; and yes they are rioting and looting and engaging in black on black crime and doing all sorts of generally unhelpful things that are threatening to ALL black Americans. I saw this protypical thug, just cutting up on TV, claiming that he was going to go out and riot in the suburbs. That’s when I KNEW FOR SURE, some of these rioters were paid agitators, put in place to press buttons.

Trust, no urban thug would openly profess to doing such a dangerous thing. Thugs are wicked smart…And THEY DON’T tell the media of outrageous things they’re planning on doing. Generally, they don’t do suburbs, in the way that southern blacks don’t do klan rallies.

Urban thugs know full well where the lines are, and they don’t cross them. They don’t even know how. But urban black Americans, at the lowest socioeconomic level, do what they do to survive. Yes they criminals…They have to be, the major economic system is shut down to them, they can’t live any other way.

Everyone is just doing what they need to do to survive an extremely sick and racist system, but coons keep racialized oppression going in one way, and thugs keep it going in another. It is what it is.

We don’t do ourselves any favors by pretending Black Americans don’t play in the paradigm that is American racism. Of course we do. We can’t escape it. The issue is, are we conscious of the choices we’re making and are we making the best choices we can, given our options available to us? And can you understand that what works for you, may not work for me?

My fundamental issue with both black and white Southerners, is that they try to enforce their norms ON ME. I’m not having it. I don’t play in their paradigms. That is my choice. I hope this helps to clarify MY position.

Working with the Light!

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