I never said that it did. All I said was I am not for silencing people who question the motives of Bill Gates. People who have no shame about what they are doing have no issues with questions and lots of them. They have no problem being transparent. I highly doubt the Bill Gates Foundation is transparent.

The only engagement I’ve had with the Bill Gates foundation is a bright and shiny commercial it put on at an Achieving the Dream conference. Someone very well respected in the ATD movement (it’s about success at the community college level) questioned the Bill Gates Foundation dog and pony show, explained how the rollout actually worked, and basically said, very little it for the ATD movement, but A LOT of money going to the Bill Gates Foundation once the colleges signed up for whatever program that foundation was promoting (all the while bashing the helm out of Apple…Cause that’s real “Charitable.”

Bottom line, no real assistance for the most marginalized community college students (which is what ATD is about.)

Don’t act like we’re all idiots because we understand how current capitalism works. Because we all have had first hand experience with how these so called “charities” and “foundations” always end up enriching themselves far more than helping ANY disadvantaged population.

The first Europeans settlers were “helping” the native people to America with those small pox blankets, right?

Y’all been at this shit for a long, long, looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time…and people are hip to your shit!

Working with the Light!

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