I never said “the Bible” doesn’t exhale in the death of children. The Bible, especially the Old Testament, has all kinds of crazy sick shit in it AND the Bible was written and rewritten and ripped into shreds and critical texts have have been discarded, hidden, pissed upon…etc…

The Bible was written by crazy, power hungry pedophilic monsters (cough leaders of the Catholic Church).

None of that has a damn thing to do with God. Nice try though, con demon. Nice try! We are hip to y’all shit!!!! Real hip. You can take all that- “it’s cool to kill kids” right back to whatever hell mouth you climbed out of.

As for Jesus, cite one verse about killing kids. Gimme one. Jesus told all Christians, scrap all that crazy Old Testament shit, those are all lies. Get with the program. There are two commands: love God, love your neighbor like you love yourself. That’s it.

Ain’t no killing of kids mentioned. No war. No beating of wives. No having of slaves. None of that bullshit.

Jesus is the truth. All the rest is some DEMONIC bullshit, that most people in the world can’t relate too.

Whenever you are talking about killing or having sex with kids — let me be real, real, real, clear. You got a demon inside of you, that you need to expel. You really do. That ain’t got a damn thing to do with love, life or God. That is some deeply sick devil, demon bullshit.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!