I never said women were more important than men, but the particular issue I am referencing are incidents of domestic violence. With regard to that particular issue- it is usually the women and children who are killed in their homes. I once knew a woman, going through a bad divorce, who was terrified by the fact that her significant other was brandishing a gun around her, and their three children, one of whom was two months old, in a threatening manner while they were arguing.

Clearly irresponsible and inappropriate behavior. Do you disagree? If the situation was reversed, and it was the female partner behaving in this irresponsible and inappropriate manner, then I would have the exact same moral protests. But it’s usually not the case that the genders are reversed, with this particular problem. Women are not killing their husbands at an alarming rate with guns. They just aren’t. Perhaps by some other means, but not guns. Killing is wrong, no matter what the sex of the victim, but yes, I maintain that it is especially wrong when the potential victim is a 2 month old. I feel ridiculous that I even have to explain this to anyone. I really do.

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