I only said that to throw your own propaganda back at you to see how you would respond to it. You took the bait.

But this is true about some white people. It is true about some black people, too. I recognize that evil is in every single race, gender, creed and culture.

So let’s be clear: some white people who participated in the slave trade did engage in all kinds of horrible diabolical crimes against humanity. I am calling that out. My very own Irish great-grandfather brutally beat and raped my African enslaved and 13 year old great-grandmother; and the story is he was a horrorific overseer on a Virginia tobacco plantation. As far as my own family history goes, he was a rapist and a murderer. As you like to point out, these are facts. But these are facts that I bet you will not address. These are facts that make most white people extremely uncomfortable. Do you have any opinion about my particular family history? I’m curious, since you are so full of opinions generally.

His half-Europeans and half African daughter was also not a nice person -at all. To this day, all of that brutality and hatefulness from that side of the family tree impacts me. I do not like these relatives and I wish I could erase them from my DNA.

Now, I could be really ignorant and say, given my family history, “all Irish people are evil.” But I never said that. I’ve met Irish people all over the spectrum, from the pretty racist and hateful to the really kind and cool. I do not, as you do, paint entire groups with such a broad brush.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!