I personally am so tired of all the white woman bashing. For one, I know lots of white women who are cool AF, and would NEVER vote for Trump and/or become a Trumpster.

They are the kind of white women who are bold enough to rock the fucking nation with her sword pen…goddamn it give Harriet Beecher Stowe her Mfing props!!!!!

On the other hand (because I went to prep school) I know plenty of Beckies and Karen’s who not only voted for Trump, but want to beat your ass if you dare tell them they shouldn’t.

Wellnot my ass, they are white not crazy.

My point is, there are legions of white women who are obnoxiously Pro-Trump. And there are also legions of people who want to punch these bi-atches in the face.

Understandably…they stay deep in that patriarchal ass. Cause they know where their bread is buttered.

Tasteless and stale and nasty as it is. They been deeply socialized to believe it’s better than nothing, and damn sure better than being nonwhite.

It’s not on either count.

Working with the Light!

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