I read an article in this same publication, The Washington Post, 30 years ago, where the journalists pointed out that there’s a holocaust that happens at least one a year…and then she listed off a staggering number of genocides and general murderous atrocities inflicted upon the unlucky the world over.

And she pointed out, though, that its only ever acceptable to talk about the Jews…and only Jews. And what a simmering rage and backlash this often caused…against Jews.

In fact, my Russian and highly anti Semitic college roommate showed me this article. To her it was evidence that her deep hatred of Jews was justified. I couldn’t co-sign her unrelenting hatred of Jews, but I did find the premise of the article interesting if not odd.

Why was the Jewish holocaust the only one to get any lasting treatment? Sure, Rwanda will get a shout out every so often…cause Don Cheadle and that fictional hotel.

But what about Bosnia? Armenia? Hell, even Chernobyl? Do you (typical reader) have any idea what EL Salvadorians have been through these last 40 years? I bet not. Not even after the Jesuits made that film about Oscar Romero. It’s been a holocaust.

What of the native Guatemalans and their slaughter as told in Hay Rigoberto Menchu? We forget about all of these people…so effortlessly.

And AOC is absolutely correct about the border: an American holocaust, and certainly not the first. Ava Duverney spells it all out with The 13th…the American criminal justice system is a prolonged centuries old holocaust. Oh yeah.

So what’s the difference? The Jews have an amazing PR machine: the government of Isreal. Even Jews, (quite a few of them actually) recognize the hypocrisy. There are a group of Jews who stand outside of the Washington DC Holocaust Museum holding a sign:

Never Forget Includes Palestine.

Does it? Not if Isreal has any say about it. Nor does it include dirty Mexican kids, nor any other kids, of any ethnicities anywhere else in the world, much less any brown or black ones.

It only includes Jews…in so much as these Jews support Isreal…and only then.

The hypocrisy of Isreal is astounding. It’s propaganda? Highly transparent at this point.

What Isreal really means is: We will never let you forget that Jewish life is more important than all other — but Isreal doesn’t even mean that, not really.

But Isreal hides behind this propaganda that it has cultivated for well over half a century, because it has an agenda…and as The whole Middle East is well aware, it has nothing to do with valuing humanity.

The propaganda isn’t working. Nevertheless, the Isreal PR machine is up to its same old tactics. You know the one where it feigns deep offense the moment anyone even attempts to claim any other life (besides Jewish) holds any value? That’s why we have obscene articles such as these, where we cautiously consider a ridiculous question…maybe other lives matter besides Jewish ones?

No. No. No.

The only holocaust allowed to matter is the Jewish one. Just ask Palestine.

Never Forget is getting really old and tired. We all see through this. Even the Jews.

Working with the Light!

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