I read Sula when I was about 14 and HATED IT. My friend Mel read the some book, and liked it. She said: “This book could be about you and me.” (With me being Nel and her being Sula). I was like WTF???

This is why Sula doesn’t work for me, she nearly watched her mother burn to death, she killed a lil boy (was it a Lil white boy? I can’t remember.) AND she slept with her best friend’s husband and was like “what? What did I do?”

There are independent black women and there are psychopaths, Sula was one of those.

Psychopaths aren’t interesting, they’re DANGEROUS. Well actually they’re both.

But no…I did not like Sula, not the character, nor the novel. She’s gotta have it? Groundbreaking. But Sula? I just don’t get it.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!