I read this and I see an amazing piece of carefully crafted satire. The thing is Steve, for you this might be truth, straight no chaser. I can’t tell anymore. People really see Trump as some sort of Apollo. The life bringing sun God who does no wrong…despite having siphoned off money from a kid cancer charity into his own private coffers.

This guy is no FDR. Yes it’s true, he took a financial risk running for presidency, and you are arguing that it’s not paying off. There’s also much evidence that it is. The brand new D.C. Trump towers host all of the diplomats, ambassadors and heads of states. That the man even owns such a hotel is a huge conflict of interest, but other D.C. Hotels are quite pissy about it claiming something is not quite right, but that’s little money, chump change really in the big scheme of things.

The general idea, among those who discuss such things, is that Trump wants to move into the big leagues. He wants to play with the petro dollars. Which puts all of his Saudi skinning and grinning into a more appropriate context. (I mean he’s trying to ban Muslims from the country so what was up with all the Saudi love? That doesn’t seem odd to you?)

All one has to do is look at the way Trump had built his business empire, to easily deduce that Trump is trying to turn America into another Trump University. It’s just not an extraordinarily leap.

If your above piece is your truth, (and not your satire) you are absolutely correct in your assessment that we will never, ever occupy a consensual reality with regard to President Trump. Molotov Cocktail is one thing, America’s savior, quite another. That he surely is not. (But it’s an unfair burden to place on any president regardless of party affiliation.)

Working with the Light!

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