I read this, and I think, “Here we go, and yet another obsessed with guns and killing…” Admittedly, there are millions upon millions of ya and perhaps with good reason. The world is a very violent place…and you seem to think a gun can save you…and maybe it can once…and maybe even a second time…but just the sheer number of guns and the sheer number of “monsters” just the numbers are untenable. You can only save yourself so many times…and this is not a video game. It could be that you think it works like that, but your life ain’t gonna reset. There are so many guns and so many bullets and it’s a vicious cycle…you live by the gun, you die by the gun, cause once you pop off your gun, the gunners coming gunning for ya.

There’s a viral video going round, where this guy is bothering another guy in a store. Can’t tell why…but the aggressor pulls out a gun. The other, grabs the gun and shoots the aggressor directly in the head, 4 TIMES, (kinda unnecessary) and walks off like he just squashed an ant. And maybe the whole thing was entirely unnecessary, and maybe it wasn’t, no one even knows what the conflict was about. My point is the gun did not save the guy who thought he needed one…he was kidding himself when he bought it…and I’m guessing that in his country (this was in one of those Latin American countries where the policing is nearly nonexistent) he did. He needed that gun far more than any American does, because the societal violence is so pervasive. But still…now he’s dead because of his own damn gun…four bullets to the head.

Guns are the problem AND people are the problem. Far to many guns in the hands of crazy, violent erratic people and it’s a problem.

And no more guns is not gonna solve thus problem. It’s only going to make it worse and it already has…this is exactly why we have so many immigrants, dangerous and benign, trying to cross our borders…they are running from that situation I JUST described above…and who wouldn’t run from that shit? You would.

American corporations have been put extremely dangerous weapons into the hands of extremely dangerous people in other countries FOR DECADES. That’s how the Taliban popped off. We empowered them…with weapons in the 70s. Now we’re terrified of all those terrorists over there…terrified of them getting over here with all that bullshit…and for good reason…they hate us so, understandably as they blame us, basically for the terror they’ve experienced ever since they got in bed with all these guns.

Guns cause the gunners to come gunning for you.

Violence and guns just beget more violence and guns, and you don’t have an answer for that and I know you’ll just completely ignore this very basic logic. I don’t even know why I respond to anything you write…you’re fairly entrenched in a view of the world that is fear based and there is no breaking through, but this latest response, regarding the guns, just makes me really sad. I feel like it’s an invitation to violence. And I can’t begin to explain how sick it makes me feel, to see someone inviting violence into their life. I’ve seen it before. I’ve seen it not end well. I’ve seen it just like it went down in that viral video.

It’s all really sad. Heartbreaking really. This is the state of humanity? People are running toward their own deaths? All because of their faith in these guns.

Love and light to you. Thoughts and prayers and hoping neither you nor your family needs them because of guns.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!