I read very little of this response, because I don’t care about the political game. It’s like a sports game, mildly entertaining, but largely boring.

I’m not one of those people who will sit at the game, painting my face, screaming like a psycho or a loon. People who get so deep into politics are just like those crazy sports fan, giving so much time and attention to something that has very little personal benefit to you or your life.

These systems suck up billions of dollars, just suck them up, and none of them go back to you the crazy fan. It’s such an idiotic game to play. But I don’t hate any of the players, or the game; and I’m entitled to my opinion about all of it, which is that it’s largely a total waste of time, though some players are entertaining! I watch the ones who do silly dances, for example. Or the ones who do something different like kneel at a football game. Now that was the first time I bothered to learn the name of a football player. Because he was awake! Because he doesn’t conform to all the mindless crap that everyone else does without question. Most athletes don’t do that, so seeing an athlete step out of the little stupid box they usually stay in was like seeing a horse talking! Fascinating!

You attack people regarding their opinions regardless of whether they have any skin in the game or not, which is a total waste of your time and energy. You do realize energy is a resource, just like money. So it’s like you’re taking $100 bills and then throwing them in the air everytime you lose it over anything Trump related.

As for me, I’m wasting my energy to engaging in this ridiculous conversation, but I’m fascinated over how people can give so much of their energy to a system and a person that so blatantly screws them over. It’s like watching the battered wife, take three hits to the face, and yet defending her abusive husband to the ultimate, when someone says, “you know, you probably shouldn’t let him hit you like that. You might get a concussion.” She will defend her husband, and viciously attack the person giving her the life saving advice. Well that’s what this conversation between me and you is about to turn into because I’m about to say something you really won’t like: Trump doesn’t give a damn about you.

Do you think Trump gives a damn about you? Let’s check out how Trump treats his supporters.

He’s got supporters getting sued for attacking people at rallies, and now there in court about to lose their house or whatever, because they acted a pure fool assaulting someone. Now these idiots are in court talking about Trump promised to pay their legal fees. Is Trump there for them? Handling their legal fees? Of course not! And he sent his attorneys to court saying as much, even though it would cost him just as much to send them their to defend them! But he couldn’t do that! He couldn’t do that, even though Trump DID in fact make such promises, at his psycho rallies, everyone heard it. It’s on tape. Who does that? Who promises one thing, (and sure it’s a dick thing to do in the first place, bully these people at my rallies and I promise to pay your legal fees) and then not only doesn’t deliver on the promise, but does the total opposite!!!!! Instead of defending them, as promised, Trump sends in his high powered legal team to basically argue that his supporters are mindless idiots who should have known better! Do you know why most Trump supporters keep their opinions largely to themselves? Because they don’t want to be faced with these kinds of facts. They don’t want to acknowledge how they are being played. But even so, even facts like these, they will somehow spin. So let’s hear it. How you gonna spin this one? Let’s take a page from the Trunp playbook right? I know “alternative facts” and “left wing media.” Okay go!

These alternative facts are an attack on Trump, by the left wing media! The assaults at the rallies never happened. The court case never happened! Trump doesn’t even have lawyers! The truth (which is thats these actions show that he is totally incompetent to be in any position of power) is really inconvenient to you, and threatening also. So this is how you will spin this.

Go ahead spin it. Tell me why Trump telling his supporters to attack people, promising to pay their legal bills, and totally hanging them out to dry when they get brought up on assault and battery charges is an “attack” on Trump and not a total con run on his supporters. Go ahead, please spin it.

It will be fascinating to see how you do this. It’s like Trump has hypnotized people to the point that they can’t even defend their own self interests! Horrible healthcare? Sure, Trump said it will be great! Lower taxes for the rich, backbreaking ones for everyone else? Fine! Great! Wonderful! Cause Trump said so! Poisoned water that gives everyone cancer- as long as Trump says it’s okay, I’m drinking up! WTF? It’s like a national hysteria. Trumpomania is going to take out it’s supporters like the Bubonic plague took out a third of Europe.

And the sad thing is, they really don’t seem to see it coming. Trump is a naturally destructive force, but he is, like all forces, going to take the path of least resistance- and that’s his supporters. He’s coming for you first. He is a con, and he knows any easy mark when he see’s one, and through the political game he has identified and targeted millions of them, with the help of some IT billionaires cronies.

They have studied just how to press your buttons; how to make you do, whatever they want you to do, essentially and to get you to pay them well for it. Doesn’t take much…a hint that you may get to sniff Ivanka (which you won’t ever get) and the funds pour in! Jared Kushner talked all about how this particular con works, in an interview I read in Business Insider! They don’t even try to hide it! Well maybe they do, cause the supporters they are conning probably don’t read Business Insider.

Our county supervisor, Corey Stewart, was working as a Trump surrogate, for free! Then he acts a fool at the Republican Headquarters, but really he was just acting like Trump. He got fired! Trump fired a man, a fairly competent politician at that, who was working for free! He became a laughing stock, after Trump fired him. And, he STILL supports Trump. Trump never looked back and hasn’t done a damn thing for Corey. And that’s what happens to Trump supporters. They get thrown under the bus, cause Trump is the bus.

And this has nothing to do with politics, but everything to do with a type of personality- a narcissist. You should google Trump and narcissism. At least be informed, consider other opinions. You should at least consider them, that’s what intelligent people do consider all sides to an issue.

So I say all of that, to say this, and it’s the last thing I am going to say about it, because this is for you and no one else to understand. You’re not doing yourself any favors by wasting so much time and energy on Donald Trump. You are not going to gain a single thing from it. You are just going to waste a lot of time, energy, and probably money until you realize you’ve been played for a total fool, (and on some subconscious level you will, even if you never admit it to yourself.)

Let it go. Do sports instead. It’s more honest. Have a nice life, Louis!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!