I really didn’t, but I guess that is how you see yourself, and lash out at me because you felt called out?

It is interesting to me. I am genuinely curious as to why most white people freak out when confronted with the term. I guess racism is like masterbation, everyone does it, but no one wants to publicly admit it.

Please. Racism is everywhere in everyone. So let’s stop with all the mock outrage about it.

I have written long involved posts here on Medium about how everyone is racist. It’s not a dirty word to me, it’s just a way to describe reality.

There are all sorts of shades and flavors and varieties of racism, it is hardly worth my time to try and classify everyone into their brand or style of racism.

However, when your racism threatens MY LIFE, that’s a sort of racism I do want to call out. People who vigorously defend state sanctioned murder of black people are the most despicable sort of racists. It’s not clear to me that this is who you are, but given your defensive responses to me, now, I’m guessing probably.

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