I really don’t think she said this and furthermore I don’t think her attack is on wholesale Jews. Her issue is with AIPAC, a lobbyist with such power it has our legislators passing legislation telling us what we can think, say and buy from Isreal.

Now….I could give a flying frack about all the ligious nuts on the planet and all the weird stuff they like to do, so long as it doesn’t involve killing kids (cough Israeli soldiers in Palestine), screwing kids (cough half the priests in the Catholic Church) and killing exclusively girl kids (cough Isis, Taliban.) None of the religious freaks have clean hands…not a one…and yet you wonder why there is so little respect for faith anymore. I mean come on? What do y’all even believe in? Killing and raping kids? The most heinous of all crimes.

There are those of us not on ANY of your religious BS, who want to stay as far as the Jew, Christian, Muslim trifecta of craziness as we can.

We certainly don’t want the government of Isreal telling us how to live, think and feel out American lives! Every American doesn’t have to like Isreal! Why would we? WTF does Isreal have to do with me — VERY LITTLE.

So why are they trying to pass laws restraining my speech, my freedom, my buying power. (I ain’t buying the Sabra btw. It’s nasty.) Omar is right, I don’t have any allegiance to Isreal, why is Isreal trying to shove that down my throat? Can anyone answer that question? The real questions get constantly ignored or evaded.

All the major religions have been deeply corrupted, in sick and satanic ways. Some sects are relatively clean, but there is so much power hungry grabbing in those three camps — no one gets a pass, Christians, Jews and Muslims keep a lot of drama going….us non believers would really love it if y’all would just STFU!!!!!!

Working with the Light!

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