I said American, by which I meant white American — how many of them do you think would trade places with Mike? Yeah…the money…quite a few of them might. It’s an interesting proposition, don’t ya think.

As for self-reflective large black men…you’re right. I don’t doubt that they want to be who they are in America and anywhere else, BUT, if they could avoid all the negative attention that comes with having those kinds of physical attributes in America, don’t you think they would? Even Michael Jordan, whose disdain for black men was evident in his n-bomb dropping conversation with Chamillionaire, would avoid it if he could. I’m almost certain of it.

The point that I was making was not that there is anything inherently wrong with being black and male in America, BUT Instead, that looking like that brings a tremendous amount of negative attention that most people — who are not that- would never sign up for.

Seriously! They’ve done studies on this sort of thing…would you switch races for a million dollars. Most white people respond with a hell no. Which points to their deep understanding of how damaging and pervasive racism is in America, something which at least half of them claim doesn’t exist.

They know…full well how deeply entrenched America is in centuries old racism, and how deeply most of them have benefited from it. They just don’t ever want to acknowledge it…cause there’s a price to be paid with that. No one who has benefited from the exploitation of other wants to talk about it. At best, it’s a really difficult and painful conversation.

Little white boys do not really want to “be like Mike” as Gatorade insisted. They might want his talent, but they’d probably stop short of the full black man in America experience.

But my point wasn’t really about American racism, which is deeply disturbing and sick, on so many levels, but rather how the advertising industry is so powerful it can get the sheeple (the white ones at least) to completely ignore it, and profess that they want to be a big, black man, despite the costs…quite a feat!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!