I see that you often comment very reasonably on this issue, and yet, your comments are often ignored. What does that say? I think it says most people are beyond reason on both sides of the issue. It’s either: believe survivors no matter what they say OR these are emotional hysterical unreliable people — let’s just keep it moving.

And why is that? Neither of these approaches is acceptable but they are far easier than anything that you’ve suggested.

Now I don’t agree with your take on Brett Kavanaugh being a fine candidate for the Supreme Court because well no evidence…I think the situation is far more complicated than that. But the ideas you mention above are really the conversations we should be having. But I’m finding no one really wants to have those conversations. It’s all entrenchment and I’m right you’re totally wrong.

What is that going to do to the society at large?

Working with the Light!

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