I see what you’re saying and I generally agree, I mean the choices were always the devil and the deep blue sea…different kinds of destruction, pick your destruction…but I am really getting behind the idea that Trump actually was the better choice for America.

For starters, he makes all of the corruption so obvious and people over here are really motivated to take action because of it. Meanwhile Trump cannot work the DC machine, as well as a career politician like Clinton would have. In some ways Trump’s incompetence has been a saving grace. (Aside from his dropping bombs like they are toys. And empowering legions of law enforcement officers to just murder, terrorize and deport people, on whims and power trips.)

A lot of people are really and truly suffering (dying) due to Trump’s incompetence, immaturity and hatefulness. But the flip side is that people are seriously waking up, and beginning to see through the whole con game. Moderate Trump supporters are beginning to say, “Man we been conned!” I think due to his incompetence he will lose more and more of his base, primarily because he truly could care less about them.

And while he always made that painfully obvious- this latest rift with Bannon has the potential to turn a good portion of his base against him; and so he’s between a real rock and a hard place. He wants to play the globalist game, but if he does the nationalist base will likely turn against him. Regular Americans largely don’t want any more wars, and are utterly clueless as to why the US deems them necessary in the first place. The typical “we are doing this for freedom, liberty, democracy and the beautiful babies” really doesn’t work anymore. We know that’s a bunch of bull. We know all we get is debt and thousands of damaged or dead vets. The war game won’t work, unless someone attacks us, and he’ll he may be working on that with North Korea, but for all our sakes, let’s hope not.

Here is what we have learned about Trump, (that is oh so easily manipulated) above all else, he likes being popular. (His unpopularity eats at him.) he likes being seen as the man in charge. Bannon put the nails in his own coffin, by painting himself as the power behind the throne…amateur hour.

Ivanka, who had had to deal with that ego trip on legs her whole life, knows better than anyone how to pull those strings, and with regard to Bannon, she did it masterfully.

Trump has surrounded himself with people who have wildly different objectives, meanwhile what the Trumps want (and thats going to win over ultimately) and what they are used to is being rich, getting richer and being wildly popular.


Guessing Trump thought that he could play these people against each other. But they aren’t his typical stupid marks, these are savy billionaires who know how to play the game at far higher levels than Trump ever has. He’s not going to con them in the usual way, if he does at all. So he’s either got to seriously step up his game, or he’s going to be the one getting played or conned. He hijacked a seat at the billionaire table, not quite understanding the rules of engagement, it will be interesting to see how he fares.

And, as for his typical con, that he riuns on decent people less powerful than he is, and the idiots, A problem for Trump is with those sorts of cons, the jig is up when you don’t deliver.

In this case, He has conned half a country. He can’t deliver. He never had any interest in delivering, but actually getting the Presidency there is an expectation among his base at least, that he will deliver something; and Americans are so impatient, the longer it takes Trump to deliver the more unpopular Trump is going to become. And he can’t just file bankruptcy and walk away like he has done in the past. He can’t overwhelm some 60 million people with threats from his legal team; and he’s already being sued over his abrasive campaign antics. His supporters who are in legal trouble for becoming violent at his instruction are turning against him, laying the blame at his feet. Oh it’s quite a show!

So Trump has backed himself into quite the corner. He is squirming, meanwhile everyone in America is breathing down that administrations neck for one reason or another. I think this is actually good for the nation. A lot of hypocrisy is being exposed (like how the Pubs have been lying for years about plans to fix healthcare. And how the Dems don’t really ever oppose the Pubs, they just pretend to…”oh no, don’t do that…not Neil Gorsuch, who says corporations have the right to dispose of people like toilet paper…not him” and yet off he goes to the Supreme Court in a matter of days, and the Dems are like, “oh well America, sometimes you just gotta take one for the team. Let’s just accept the impending corporate slave state and move on.” )

Those assholes. People are seriously hating Dems right now.

It’s also becoming quite clear that many members of our House of Representatives are total idiots, and out of touch with their constituents. They will be voted out. Because of Trump, now more than ever, people are paying attention. Estwald joked that the vote for Trump was like catching a Tiger by the tail. Instead I think it is Trump who caught a Tiger by the tail, when he caught the American presidency. He is learning what an unwieldy beast it is, and all of America is watching him like it’s our favorite reality TV show, which I guess it is.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!