I sort of believe these things, (kind of) you are really dismissive of the Law of Attraction, (LoA) and I get it. A lot of people are. Ironically enough though, your article is clearly speaking to LoA, which I would posit, is just largely misunderstood. Nothing in this article, besides the disclaimer, disagrees with LoA principles — which long story short are basically that everything is energy and we all manipulate that energy based on how we think and feel about it. (Vibrations.)

In that vein, I think money is basically energy. Some money is evil, if that’s the kind of energy behind it. Drug dealer money, for example, has real bad energy attached to it.

Most money is neutral, I’d assume. And like you say, it’s up to us to keep this energy flowing in a healthy manner. Your article made perfect sense to me.

Working with the Light!