I sort of love how you can easily jump from how deeply corrupt the US government is to a sort of everything is illuminated absence of ego discovery. Were you trying to make a point by this juxtaposition? Do you think that this vastly corrupt massive macro external is only illusory and unable to corrupt the deeply sacred, untouchable, almost unknowable micro internal? And are you concerned that this idea might be censored?

I write about a lot of spiritual things. I know there is a lot of interest in the things I write about. I’m well aware that Medium probably isn’t the best platform for spiritual dialogue. Clearly that Big Tech has absolutely zero interest in spiritual awakening for the masses. This would deeply interfere with the endless mindf*cking that they’ve got planned on everything from COVID, to vaccines to the end of civil liberties and freedom to endlessly brainwashing us on the extraordinary wonders the global capitalism they have created.

We have one boot on your skull and are using the other one to kick you in the ribs, while you work for us for two dollars a day. Oh and good luck with not catching this deadly unknown virus, mysteriously killing randoms in this death lottery we have going around. And the entire national healthcare system is a mess…and there are no plans to fix it. No. Not ever. This doesn’t mean we don’t care. Of course we care so much about you! We care so much we had to shut down the entire economy and really jolt the most economically vulnerable into a frenzied desperation. You know, all the service workers, who didn’t have any health insurance anyway…no coverage if they happened to get seriously sick…well now guess what they don’t have? Money! But that’s okay…because they are sheltering in place. Except those who don’t have shelter. Well..screw them. We had to do it. We had to shut down the economy. Especially the small businesses. Screw them. If you need it, Amazon’s got it. Amazon is all you will ever need! Unless you need a living wage. No…we don’t do those. We would much rather just work you to death…like they did in the WWII concentration camps. Isn’t globalism just great!

And of course we’re all supposed to agree that it is. Seriously. We are supposed to just love all of this. And there are all sorts of party lines were are supposed to tow and that message is being sent loud and clear.

COVID fear porn is all the rage. It is everywhere. It is inescapable. Who decided that what everyone needs to wake up daily news text about the grisly deaths of the latests COVID victims? I think that if you’re not talking about how terrifying COVID is, or how afraid you are of catching it, or how desperately you want a Bill Gates vaccine, or how you want someone running around COVID tracing your every move (for your health, or for science, or the health or others, or for the economy, or for whatever lame reason you can come up with) you are not permitted to talk about it at all.

I find that interesting, to say the least. It’s very clear that there is an agenda that we are being ordered to get with RIGHT NOW…the new normal…and asking any questions about it, quickly leads to attack. And just who are these attack dogs? Are they bots? Are they real people paid to enforce the agenda? Are they sheeple who accept anything that they are told? I know people, highly intelligent people, I might add, adding to the fear porn in extremely touching and elegant ways. We won’t be able to touch or hug anymore. We will have to connect in other ways. I’m thinking to myself really? If that’s how you plan to live the rest of your life, maybe you’re better off dead; because what kind of life is that? A sterile life inside an eternal Zoom, I guess. No thank you.

And this is when one’s spirituality is so important. You have to have faith in something greater than this madness just to hold on to your sanity. And yet spirituality, in its massively bastardized forms even, (the Christian church) is being even further degraded. Christians never talk abut Jesus anymore. I mean really. They talk about prosperity and money and big corporate mega churches run by con artists who throw around cliches like: Jesus take the wheel or Won’t he do it!

But they never actually talk about what Jesus…who he was and what he did and how. And that’s unfortunate. Jesus was a very cool, deeply spiritual person. He destroyed they temple that had been corrupted by a most filthy type of commercialism (I understand that research will reveal thier were child sex slaves being sold at the temple and Jesus was appalled! These are the kinds of things you almost never hear about Jesus.

I wonder why.

Do you think Jesus is being censored? I mean clearly nothing Jesus said or did will serve any modern day narratives, no matter how much a power hungry corrupter will try to distort the message. So, Jesus no longer serves any purpose.

I guess I am wondering, how do we find the balance in all of this? External reality is consistently presenting as an abyss of depravity and internally we can discover none of this is real…but how do we move back and forth between the two?

Working with the Light!

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