I think he rendered a decision where he decided starving prisoners to death was not cruel and unusual punishment. On a domestic violence case, in a dissent (or maybe not, maybe just a commentary) he stated women being abused by husbands need not bother police with their problems, but make appeals to their fathers, and brothers….this is what he was resting a decision upon the denial of police protection to DV victims.

This is the great legal mind? A mind obsessed with legal justifications for psychopathy and cruelty, is what I took from that dude.

What is that conservative obsession? It seems like the crueler and more violent the conservative authority figure is the more intense the conservative adoration. What is this about? I’m genuinely curious. To me it’s weird.

Is the fear that, if people aren’t just generally walking around terrified all the time, society will fall apart?

Working with the Light!

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