I think he’s actually a computer….I’m serious! AI…something about these rants…they are to pat and formulaic…most Americans read and think at about an 8th grade level…he writes at a consistently 6th grade C average level, and always as if he’s writing for the NFL, defending his personal team, with all the inane idiocy that those sportsy types tend to do such a thing.

Never any subtlety, never any shades of gray- always “Pubs are winners! dems are losers! Rah! Rah!”

It’s so stupid, it’s what you would expect from a computer…in the 80s…but these days the computers are smart.

I don’t know…it’s so consistent, it seems computer generated…but also a little too dumb, for these smart computers…I know it’s a smart computer that has developed an algorithm for “dumb” and writes in that manner.

Working with the Light!

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