I think I gave you the maximum amount of claps on this one Cait. I love how you go so hard on racism in America! I also love how you go so hard for Peace, which is why I guess you are so obsessed with the whole Russiagate thing, even though most Americans have moved on.

Basically, white men are getting a lot of messages, that hey, it’s not cool for you to arbitrarily kill, rape, harm, exploit and otherwise oppress black and brown people- and some of them, are just losing their shit about this. They are totally losing it. Quite honestly, this makes me, and many others view white men in a totally different light. I wonder what is wrong with these people? (The one for example that you found yourself responding to? What is wrong with him? What kind of sick, ungodly cancer runs through his brain? It’s very revealing.)

And to all the commenters on this thread who are like, why so many claps for Caitlin’s comeback: it’s because thus sickness needs to be called out for what it is! And in far harsher terms than that!

That man is sick! He needs help! Seriously! And if you’re a white man, you should help him, before he ends up in a lone jail cell for stabbing someone on the street or ramming his car into someone. For the love of God, help your brother.

Working with the Light!

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