I think it is what it is. Sure I grieve the losses, but no recognizing the birth of a new world, doesn’t make me a monster. This view is so extreme I don’t even understand it. Why would I be a monster? Even if were celebrating the new world (which I am not), that wouldn’t make me a monster, but a realist. Just accepting what will be.

But It is a ways off yet, I think. I probably will not live to see it, I only see it coming. Seeing it coming, though, I’m largely ambivalent about it. A lot that is contained in the old systems is corrupt and needs to die out. Will the new be any better? I have no idea. One can hope. The transformation (which we are in now) is super uncomfortable though. I don’t like it anymore than anyone else, but I don’t kid myself into thinking I can change it.

But trying to stop it at this point is like standing in front of a train. I think you are kidding yourself if you think you can stop it, at this late date, much less through these corrupt political systems.

If you think that is what Trump is doing you are kidding yourself. Trump…who has hotels all around the globe, and profits wildly from multiculturalism? You know his granddaughter speaks Chinese, right?

Trump, who for all his anti-Muslim rhetoric was having a gay old time in Saudi Arabia? Trump who has a number of business dealings with Russian oligarchs?

Elites (and yes Trump is in that crew) have far more solidarity amongst each other, than they have to the citizens of their nations. Trump will throw America under the bus, in a New York minute. He already has.

And so, it is what it is. I think the quicker people realize what has happened (because a lot of this has already happened), the more prepared they will be for a future that is just going to be different.

And I am not trying to disparage people who disagree with me. There is a lot of whining and crying going on from parties with whom I agree and disagree, I’m just at a point where I now see the futility in all of it.

I am beyond baffled with the obsession with (and all the whining and crying and hand-wringing about) feminism, because to me feminism is about basic human rights for women. That anyone would be opposed, I find shocking. The the entire world over, those rights are lacking, (in India women are being gang-raped, to death on the streets!)

And yet…so many would rather entirely ignore these facts, and talk about how, feminism (and they will sometimes add the disclaimer in the West) is out of control.

Well…as long as women are being gang-raped, TO DEATH, I think there is a need for it. Also, that type of rape has been recognized as a war crime, and a few feminist scholars played a critical role, in making that happen.

In light of these global circumstances, the push against feminism seems to me utterly draconian. I simply don’t understand it.

In this ocean of change we are navigating, my view is, holding on to the progress that women have made, (which has been very recent in the scheme of the old structures) the right to vote, the right to own property, the right to an education, the right to have control over one’s body, the right not to be gang raped, to death, is critical. The backlash against this is, (in my view) just utterly insane.

It doesn’t matter. The old rules for women were useful in old systems. In new systems? Not so much. Whatever comes next is inevitably going to incorporate whatever theories from 21st century intelligencia that it finds useful.

I think feminism seeks to give women agency, that they have been deprived of via lack of control of reproductive functions and lack of access to social structures. At least that is one of the things it seeks to do. That is where my interest in feminism begins and ends.

If you want to argue that feminism is something different, then, I am uninterested in that conversation.

To the extent that feminism gives women agency, it’s not going anywhere. It’s goals line up with the new world order, some what. The New World order needs the intellectual capital of women.

The right’s freak out about the shifting landscape in Academia is, in my view, an overreaction to pretty innocuous and gradual changes that are following societal trends. Let’s make minorities and women a part of the core curriculum, and the right loses it’s ever-loving mind. Just wow. Eurocentric and egocentric much? To me the conversation is almost to ridiculous to be entertained.

It doesn’t matter if the right attempts to shutdown multiculturalism in Academia, the information is out there, at this point. But I still largely think none of this matters much. The shifts we are experiencing are far too large and are driven by economic factors beyond right (or left) political control. The shift is a force of nature. Fighting against it is spitting in the wind.

Time and energy are better spent figuring out how to navigate these shifts. And that’s why I write such long posts. I am considering how to navigate the shifts, trying to gauge how much time is left before the old structures completely crumble. Trying to gauge whether the right actually has a shot at turning the clock back, if only momentarily.

This shift is going to be quite messy. Everyone can see that writing on the wall…as I said before, there will be blood. But not mine. I am aware, alert, paying attention, to the shifts and going with the flow.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!