I think it’s a good question. I would like think this would happen, but given how twisted and sick this world is and how so many people have succumbed to that, I am not entirely hopeful. Son of Baldwin says abdicate the spiritual high road. See a Klansman bleeding out in the street? Keep it moving. Don’t stop and for God sakes don’t call in ambulance. And, further, he says, it’s not wrong.

This seems to turn morality on it’s head. Meh…maybe. I see something different at play. I see it as not interfering with someone’s life and karma. If you love guns so (and this one apparently does) isn’t it just so apropos that you should experience their effects? Isn’t it, in a sense, ones’ karma?

Maybe we are entering a new time and space where karma comes back quicker than ever; and. It’s not right to interfere with anyone’s karma, especially if they are suffering through a sort of spiritual retardation that needs correction.

I think we are way passed ordinary rules of right and wrong. I think we are at it is what it is, and it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be. No one is quite sure what that is, but here’s what it’s not going to be — the same as it ever was.

Working with the Light!

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