I think it’s a valid question. I also think what other options do we have really? 13 reasons why (a lot of hype that I’ve avoided, primarily due to a lack of time) involves date rape or sexual assault of some kind, right?

Well…if you’re raising a teen daughter in America, (or anywhere in the world really) you need to educate yourself somehow. You really do. Is this “edutainment” appropriate? Probably not. But the information-or rather the reality-is going to hit her in some way shape or form, so the edutainment is probably the least harmful way for her to get educated about these things.

I have three black sons. Do you know what I have to educate them about? The fact that police in America will kill them, quite easily, without much provocation and without any real consequences. Oh and also this, as quiet as it is kept, that’s basically one of the unofficial duties of police officers, in fact it’s the reason for their entire profession. They started out as slave catchers. There is a whole long ugly American history with police and black people, especially black men. It ain’t a pretty one.

How do I appropriately broach this topic? You tell me! Dying to get your white mom thoughts on this. And I’m not being patronizing. I’m being real. I think white women put a lot of time and energy and thought into how to effectively parent, so I’m asking you, honestly, what kind of resources would you seek out?

The edutainment, to my experience, does at least start the conversation. And that’s a blessing because often times, with kids, it’s hard to get there.

Working with the Light!