I think, it’s because they are not humane and are all pretty much done pretending to care about people, especially if there’s no political advantage to the pretending. Do Puerto Rican’s vote? No…at least not while in Puerto Rico. They don’t have to pretend to care about Puerto Rican’s, I mean come on, they barely pretend to care about democrats in America who actually vote. And look at the Pubs, clearly they don’t give a damn about the Trump base…they don’t even pretend to care about all the things the mass of cray-cray is about (build the wall!). The Pubs secretly laugh at those idiots as they all know there never was going to be any damn wall. Now these idiots are getting fleeced by shadier, slicker Trumpsters doing “wall-building” fundraisers; and the Pubs don’t even pretend to care about that.

Almost all politicians are refusing to discuss anything that has any relevance to the everyday concerns people have.

There is only so much Trump trashing or Trump adoring regular people can do, when we all have real problems. We are all damn tired of the freak show, and just want there to be a focus on the issues: health care, wages, food, the environment, rebuilding after environmental catastrophes, reasonable immigration policies, foreign policies that don’t pop off WWIII, but neither political party wants to touch any of that stuff because they have no solutions. I think it’s pretty clear at this point that none of them know wtf they are doing. Despite the 1984 speak about the economy, it sucks — and they know it and they all desperately want to keep their cushy jobs. They can’t do it by addressing any real issues or pretending to care about real people so it’s just nonstop distraction, lying, spinning, avoiding, evading, attacking, bullshiting, etc.

Pretending to care about people? Nah…they are not doing it. So that, my friend, is why they simply abide these insane, insulting, deeply inhumane lies by Trump about Puerto Rico. They don’t care and are done pretending.

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