I think one of the biggest problems with climate change, and this is true of a lot of our 21st century problems is that they are too big and too complex, for most average lay people to wrap their brains around. I liked how you showed that climate change deniers have an agenda, and that there are all these types of denials and a certain goal with each type.

It helped me to understand why people have such extreme views about it as well. I do believe the climate is changing — there is plenty of evidence of that. I don’t think humans are the ultimate cause, but certainly we are not helping the situation with all of the god awful toxic stuff that we do. Certainly we are making a bad situation worse, when we should be doing everything in our power to make a bad situation more tolerable and sustainable.

Although I don’t have enough knowledge or information about the problem to recommend a definite course of action, I do trust others who are more knowledgeable to make these recommendations and to follow them. For me, something about these deniers seems disingenuous — and I don’t know what it is exactly, but I’d say the fact that most of them are unwilling to entertain logic or reason, is a big part of it.

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