I think probably…has disappointment been an energy and or emotion that you have experienced a lot in life? Then if so, it’s probably a part of your underlying programming…probably encoded in your DNA, just waiting for you to do something that can activate it.

Unfortunately, our life experiences…what we feel early in life, they encode on us, and stay with us…like an automatic algorithm running in the fricking background! Unless we do a lot of spiritual work…we might not even know the program is there at all.

I have studied a spiritual text called A Course in Miracles for nearly 15 years. It has nothing to do with the law of attraction ACIM would say that LOA is absurd. ACIM is actually FAR MORE REVOLUTIONARY than LOA.

ACIM is supposed to be — take this how you like-the real teachings of Jesus. Channeled through these people in the 70s…who claim to be channeling Jesus. Now that throws a lot of people off. I knew it threw me off at first. It’s so hard to believe that Jesus, would channel, though an Atheist no less!!!! In the 1970s…it’s like where ya been for the last 2000 years Jesus?

And it’s NOTHING like the Bible…and I do mean NOTHING like it. Therefore, the traditional Christian Church is very threatened by ACIM. Has nothing good to say about it. ACIM doesn’t care…not a bit. Cause ACIM is not about the Church…but your personal spirituality.

So the idea behind ACIM, is incredibly deep…it’s like any of us can perform miracles just like Christ, it’s just not that hard! The trick is to operate, to run your programming, so to speak, at this very high spiritual level. So like seriously, if someone slaps you, you really need to turn the other cheek. But that’s so hard right? And crazy? Like in this world who does that?

Believe it or not, the whole point of ACIM is that you can do it, and you will be better for it. But in order for you to even get to that point where it’s possible, you have to rid yourself of all this defective programming where you believe in attack, and your ego, and sin, and sickness and fear and death…ACIM teaches that NONE of that is actually REAL.

Like I said…Revolutionary…I mean who among us doesn’t think death is very, very real. I’m sitting here, cold as all hell, and I’m like…this cold feels very real to me! And the cold makes me think of death and it all seems very real!

But as crazy as ACIM seems, if you study it…and you study the meditations…I don’t know how…but in some miraculous way…it will undo a lot of the fear, scarcity, lack, anger, disappointment programming we struggle with. No one who studies the coarse can tell you exactly how it works…but they will tell you that it changed their life. Made them a much better person. For me, it made me a far less angrier person.

And…when I first began the course, I called it spiritual gobblity-gook. It just seemed like nonsense. But, I’ve been studying for years…and now it makes a lot of sense.

Defenselessness is Power…sounds crazy right? That is one of the ACIM meditations…there are 365 of them, one for every day of the year.

How can that possibly be true? Defenselessness is Power. It is! But you would have to study the course for years before you could ever glimpse the truth in that. I have…so I kinda get it.

A really dumbed down version of ACIM, is the novel The Shack. That brings a lot of ACIM concepts down to a more human format.

My point about all of this, though, is LOA tries to bypass all the heavy duty spiritual work one needs to do in order to be a manifestor…so it’s largely hit or miss, for most people. If you have that negative programming running in your background, your operating system so to speak, (and intelligent people are more prone to this, as they have the ability to develop really complex scripts) you’re not going to be able to manifest anything good quickly.

Money is especially problematic, because money itself has sooooooooooooo many crazy insanely negative scripts attached to it. Money is the hardest thing to try and manifest. I always tell people don’t focus on money cause that is a TRAP. You can do it — I have done it- but you gotta work HARD on whatever negative scripts you have around money. Figure out what they are and rewrite them, and divorce yourself from all the larger scripts around it…ignore the Dow…ignore the market…ignore the big banks and corporations. Ignore that women earn less than men. Ignore all that. When you pay attention to those scripts, you buy into all the crazy emotions around all of that. Nope. Don’t do it. That has nothing to do with you.

If you truly TRUST in the universe, which is a bland way of saying trusting in the God spark within you, and your personal divine connection to everyone and everything, you don’t place your trust in those systems…they are illusions. That’s what ACIM teaches, very effectively.

I’ve experienced straight up miracles studying ACIM. I really have. But rarely do these miracles have anything money, at least not in any traditional way. ACIM can drop a large sum of money directly into your bank account-that has happened to me. But honestly, that’s not the point!

I know it’s confusing. It’s just that ACIM miracles are usually more subtle and far more complex than that. And my point is the most amazing ACIM miracles are not about money. They are about experiences that are far more profound.

You and a few others have inspired me to write about my experiences studying ACIM. Until just recently, for the life of me! I couldn’t figure out how to do it! But now I think I have…thanks for the inspiration!

Working with the Light!

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