I think that’s a really valid point. Why do all of these female, republican pundits tend to be so thin, blond and oriented toward exhibiting extreme violence toward non-white people, via weapons, military or police? Its almost as if there is a formula. They all have to look like this…they all have to say these particular things…because there are so many of them popping up all over the place like robots they fail to offer any shock value, even. Oh, look, another Anne Coulter wanna be. Yawn.

Why is this culture so boring and staid with regard to everything it does? Donald Trump is the best and worst thing that has happened to this party. Sure he’s a train wreck, a blatant liar, a wanna be dictator, and probably a perpetual sexual assaulter. But he’s not the same old, same old lame, tired routine. There are only so many ways to say I only like what’s white and male. This AC wanna be, is just a pretty young face on the same old tired refrain, and it will go over well with the same closed, limited minds. There’s no real surprise here.

Working with the Light!

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