I think there are just a lot of glitchy things occurring right now that is throwing off our “normal” concept of time and space. So it makes sense that Deja Vu would increase. I personally haven’t had much of that happening to me, but I do experience odd things with time. It seems to move faster than it ever did, but then too so does space seem shorter. (It just doesn’t take that long to get anywhere anymore.)

A friend of mine who was visiting me went on a walk in the woods close to my home, she completed the walk in 10 minutes, even though this walk is at least 45 minute walk. She was freaked, because I had shown her the path the day before, and she knew it was at least a 45 minute walk. I just shrugged it off, with “yes, I believe you, things are glitchy.”

I think the people who notice the anamolies are at a different level of consciousness than those who don’t. The spiritual types think the Mandela Effect is about consciousness. I think there is something to that, though I can’t say exactly what, just that I think it is expanding for people, more people than ever before.

I think to notice a glitch in the Matrix is to essentially reject it. Because you are questioning the “programming” essentially, realizing that there are glitches in it, breaking free of it. A lot of people are doing this in different ways. This is why there is so much fracturing occurring in our political system. People are rejecting the political programming. I find the Mandela effects related to politics disturbing, precisely because it almost seems to be a mockery of it. Like in 1984 where the controllers just kept changing the news and history to whatever they wanted it to be.

Working with the Light!

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