I think this is the most subtly sexist thing I have ever heard…like ever…and yet, it’s honest. It is the typical male mindset, whether he cares to or even can consciously acknowledge it.

So how I could read this: (and how I probably will) is that women have no value beyond the ability to satisfy you sexually.

I’d guess 70 to 80% of men feel this way. 50 % of them will articulate this is some crude fashion, while the other 30 % won’t come right out and say this, because they are clever enough to be dealing with clever women, who will dislike the articulation, and they know there will be repercussions. (All clever people.) And so, therein lies the need for subterfuge and suppression of the real true thoughts. Then too, more intelligent people engage in more complex thought, which I think leads to more conflicted thought.

Man…I could just go on and on and on about this statement.

But I won’t. It would be pointless if I wanted to convince you of anything; and I don’t. I’m really just thinking out loud, trying to figure out why that statement hit such a nerve with me.

On the face, it’s fine. You know it is, which is exactly why you said it. But underneath it, I think, is a thought virus that infects all of humanity. It is pervasive. This is not an original thought or statement.

Working with the Light!

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