I think you are projecting. My view is pretty Buddha-Zen, and I’ve been cultivating these views for a while. It’s about acceptance. And I can see how you think such a view would be selfish, but the philosophy is anything but.

I know that my blood won’t be spilled, because I don’t spill blood. Neither do I wish, any harm on anyone else, I don’t vibrate at the violence frequency — therefore I don’t attract it. Never have, never will.

To understand why I can be accepting of that which seems horrible, you would have to have similar spiritual views. It’s obvious that you don’t. It seems that you’re looking for a nasty debate on feminism, well I am not interested.

Yes, a lot of awful things are happening. A lot of awful things are always happening, but what has you so freaked is that you think they are going to happen to you. Stop thinking that. Just stop thinking that. It’s really that simple.

Working with the Light!

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