I think you underestimate the degree to which people dislike Trump. People dislike Trump so much, there are now entire careers dedicated to Trump bashing. Entire networks, even. Maybe, just maybe, some of y’all concede, he’s not that likable. Maybe you concede that he — easily-offends half the US population, deeply. He’s very divisive.

Divisive enough to have lefties outraged and out for blood, and all sorts of crazy acting, like Pubs acted out about Obama. The difference? Pub outrage was largely fueled by the fact that Obama was black, Dem outrage fueled by the fact that Trump is obnoxious.

Hey…we all got our reasons. People really don’t like him, and they are not wrong or crazy, just differently motivated than you. The biggest issue I have with Trump and his people is that they are cons. It’s not really a Dem or Pub issue, cause I’ve liked Pubs. I think Dubya for example, was likable. Genuinely likable, despite being a Pub. And Dubya had the whole Pub thing down. But ya know he was okay, and after 9/11 we all rallied behind him.

But Trump. He just assumes everyone is stupid enough to fall for his shit, and if we’re not, he’ll get the rest of his lackeys to bully us into mindless adoration, which is his due, one way or another. This is a personality flaw that will deeply irritate most intelligent people, just based on that one flaw…he has several others though. He’s a bully, he’s racist, he’s a sexual assaulter who sees women as little more than objects.(To be fair that’s how he sees everyone.) He lacks a moral compass. He lies for the sake of lying. On top of that, once caught in his lies, he insists they are true. This is crazy-making. He is the ultimate crazy-maker.

In short, He has a lot of difficult personality flaws that are hard to overlook. If he were poor — and all things were equal, he would be hated.

But he is rich, so we’re all supposed to just eat Trump’s 💩 with a grin. Well, some of us happen to be pickier eaters than others.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!