I think you’re right about all of this. I think what we see really is staged like some sort of reality tv show. We only see a small bit of what is actually going on. Trump’s financial interests in, not just Russia, but a whole lot of things are deeply problematic, it’s just baffling how so many Americans just want to act like that is not the case. If (and I am not sure he did, but I was told as much by someone following the Dakota Access Pipeline story) he had financial interests in seeing the pipeline finished, and as soon as he gets in office he lifts all the injunctions stopping it from being built , I would say that is one hell of a conflict of interest! How can people possibly argue otherwise? But they do. All the time! It’s just nuts.

Whatever he does or does not have going on with Russia, he has had enough big financial dealings with Russians to make any interactions with Russians suspicious, so yeah, the whole, nothing to see with Russia is crazy. There is plenty to see. We are not seeing it though, and probably never will.

This big show is about putting the Donald in his place, not revealing the truth. He is being called on his unpredictability and forced into irrelevance. But he still might stick around. The Pubs clearly intend to use him as a shield, while implementing an utterly destructive agenda. He’s perfect as that tool, with all those blind nutterbutters who will follow him to the end of the earth right off a cliff. Pubs are determined to use that to advance their agenda, even though Trump is so self-absorbed, it is almost impossible for them to do this easily. I think that’s the goal of all of this, though, to make the Donald a more pliable tool.

Working with the Light!

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