I think you’re right, even though a lot of Americans were disgusted by the way she was treated for pointing out too much money in politics…the media has not stop been “antisemitism! Antisemitism! Blah,blah, blah, blah- Holocaust this and holocaust that and ANTISEMITISM!!!!!”

Yet, what she said had zero to do with antisemitism…most people know this…and if the ones playing along with it are playing partisan games…dangerous ones at that.

The whole Israel trying to pass bills preventing divestment in Israel by forcing on Americans what they can think, say and buy, is Orwellian, dystopian insanity. I mean if the Plutocrats running Israel country are Jews, (which I doubt, at any rate), it is not antisemitic to point out, “Hey! Those particular Jews are influencing our government By demanding our Congress pass bills that influence what we can think, or say, or buy!”

No that’s just telling the truth. But the media wouldn’t touch the divestment issue. Didn’t mention how bills trying to JAIL AMERICANS- yes IMPRISON US, for failing to dance to whatever tune Israel wants to play, kept being thrown into legislation to reopen the government. WTF!!! That is so grimey!

Israel was trying to take advantage of the pain and suffering of millions of Americans, by getting THEIR LEGISLATION (can you believe this country even has legislation on the floor in our Congress?!?!??) pushed through when we are distressed and distracted.

Thank God the ACLU was actually paying attention.

If you weren’t paying attention to Israel’s shenanigans before, you definitely should now…America and the world…cause seems like Israel wants to make EVERY COUNTRY it’s lil Palestinian bitch…and you’ll never hear that in the mass media either.

Unfortunately, antisemitism is a very real thing, and lots of people use Israel’s shenanigans to justify it. I don’t think that’s fair or right. Blaming Jews for Israel’s shenanigans is about as fair as blaming Americans for Trump’s shenanigans. Sure some are to blame, but most are not, so don’t hate us all.

But as far as Israel goes, a lot of countries the world over are irritated by the shenanigans, and unfortunately it causes antisemitic backlash against Jews wherever they are in the world…if you want to point an antisemitic finger, it needs to be pointed at Israel and its political policies. Isreal is the cause of A LOT of antisemiticism against Jews…Israel itself.

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