I thought I made it clear, moving people from entrenched positions, by not attacking them, and listening to them.

You seem to take issue with this, again why? What could possibly be wrong with encouraging active civil engagement and dialogue on the issues, from opposing sides?

It really needs to happen. Americans need to speak to one another about the issues, also Americans need to engage in more emotional processing of experiences instead of feeding mindless rage.

Everyone is so worked up about “identity politics” a term which I don’t even begin to understand. All politics involve identity so I find the term ridiculous like, “spendable money.”

But it’s clear, that everyone in America is feeling as if their identity is under attack. Naturally, they fight back, no matter what their identity is. But that’s a really short-sighted and destructive solution to a very complicated problem; and it’s going to destroy the most angry and violent among us first. It’s already happening.

A line-crosser is someone who can ideally, talk people off of these self-destructive ledges. That’s the end I’m aiming for.

Working with the Light!

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