I told you, I don’t know a whole helluva a lot about history, almost all of it I get from the History Channel- nevertheless, I know how to think critically, so you won’t confuse me, by making outrageous statements, and throwing all the history that you know behind it as probative. This is an attempt to manipulate thought by using partial truths to support overly broad general statements, that can never be proved, because the assertions are ridiculous. This is propaganda- and no matter what the idiotic topic - because believe me on social media there are tons - I know how to point out the flaws in the logic of it.

You should join in with the Imhopteps who argue that white feminism has destroyed the black American family…not slavery, not institutionalized racism and not the prison industrial complex upheld by the 13th Amendment…none of those things…white feminism. Yeah…there are endless ridiculous ideas out there, that I delight in refuting.

Anyway, here is a definition for civilization: an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached.

And so you want to argue- against the definition of what actually constitutes a civilization- that only European civilizations were innovative. This is beyond ridiculous.

It makes no sense. This is basically the definition of what constitutes a civilization - all civilizations create language, extensive agricultural distribution systems and systems of commerce, as well as rules that allow huge numbers of people to live in close proximity without killing one another every five seconds.

I guess this doesn’t bode well for Russia and Stalin Can Russia actually consider itself a civilization with 8 Million of their own people exterminated? If you can’t even keep your own people alive, what the hell? Is the 8 million an exaggeration? It might be. I wasn’t there. But I read short stories by Chekov, pretty sad, depressing stuff.

Culture, science, industry and government these are all innovations that are the bedrock of civilization. This has occurred all over the world, no not just in Europe. Who discovered coffee, marijauna, cocaine? Who invented Silk? Gun powder? Mathematics? Astrology? Unbreakable Codes that won WWII? Who built the pyramids in Giza and is that a feat that can be recreated today by our amazing western civilizations? Nah. I am not going to sit here and research the specific developments of all the ancient (and long standing) civilizations to prove to you that they were innovative and created all of the above —of course they did.

As far as recorded human history shows, European civilizations ARE FAIRLY NEW, and in establishing themselves founders borrowed heavily and in some cases improved upon the information provided from the older civilizations, (innovation my ass). Where did the greeks pull their mathematic knowledge from? Um, the Sumerians and the Egyptians…and the Europeans are still borrowing.

Which explains why America has a pyramid on the dollar bill and in front of the Louvre in Paris there is a replica of one of the pyramids in Giza…Europeans went to Egypt, had their minds blown and decided that they wanted to copy some of that. Which is fine by me, it’s really the only way to build a better civilization quickly - copy and improve upon what has already been done. Only an idiot would attempt to reinvent the wheel.

I’m not the one trying to sit her and make the ridiculous argument that European civilizations were better than all the rest, despite the fact that they arrived on the scene of human history much later, and lasted for much shorter periods of time than the Middle Eastern and African ones — that’s all you.

This is a particularly idiotic viewpoint that ignores large swaths of human history, and the very definition of civilization. And you call yourself a history professor — whatever.

As for George Orwell, I was just testing you. It seems you do read, and why not 1984- it’s an extremely useful guide for your type of propaganda, right? Can you get people to believe that Freedom is Slavery or Slavery is Freedom? That is your objective, right? As for me, I’m not buying it. So you better study up some more.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!