I totally agree. But being a part of this spiritual community (and being someone who says this) sending love and light is not just lip service, if it’s done correctly.

People who are refusing to ingest a lot of toxic programming are shifting collective human consciousness in a positive direction. Looking at people being brutally murdered, definitely lowers your vibration into a dense, fear-filled paradigm.

If you are actually trying to do light work (energetically) you cannot keep your vibrations in those low places.

Refusing to participate in low vibrational fields is not the same as not caring, or not wanting change, or not working to change.

When you for, example, listen to someone who tells you a horroriffic George Floyd type story from their life (they are everywhere, they’re not Uncommon at all) and you hold space for them, acknowledge them, and send love and light, you are doing something.

When you stand on nonjudgment of anyone processing these experiences their way…you are doing something.

We can march and protest and speak out truth and fundraise..and all of this…and I do these things as well.

But I am convinced the most important thing to do is hold the light, and shift the consciousness.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!