I totally believe this is true, but most Americans outside of the South, really don’t care. I’m not trying to be calloused, but honest.

The issue is complicated.

Here is how I see it, not being a Southerner, but having honestly listened to quite a few of them get all amped up about these Confederate symbols.

The South was wronged, terribly wronged by the North that basically said to it, “you’re going to do what we want you to do about these slaves, or else we are going to beat you into submission.”

And that happened. The South refused to submit, until it was beat down into submission and then, the South was bitter, quite bitter. The South never got over it; and the South continues to resist Northern morality on slavery to this day.

And yet…on this point, the South honestly doesn’t get much sympathy for their losses from the rest of the country. Why is this?

It’s kind of odd that we have to keep saying this to the South…because slavery is wrong. Slavery of any kind is wrong. And hung up in this we should never have submitted, “we were right all along” Southern mentality, there resides the idea that slavery was not wrong, but was in fact quite right. When you ask Southerners about the whole slavery thing, they have brilliantly constructed a whole lot of pivots, and look always, and all manner of step arounds for that particular part of the discourse. But it’s impossible to talk about the Civil War and what happened to the South without talking about slavery, and in fact how the institution of slavery itself led to the South’s defeat. It would be hard for anyone to admit that he lost a war by creating enemies and the tools of his own defeat. That’s a real hard truth to acknowledge. But, that’s exactly what happened with the institution of slavery…and to that the typical Southern response is, “la, la, la, la, I’m not listening. I’m not listening.”

Southerners want to tap dance all around the idea of the immortality of slavery. But they shouldn’t because it’s relevant. And Southerners aren’t learning a damn thing from history, while they insist on ignoring huge sections of it.

While white Northerners did god awful, brutal, diabolically destructive things to white Southerners, maybe it was karma, because all the while white Southerners were and had been doing god awful, brutal, diabolically destructive things to black slaves.

See how that came and went full circle? Southerners some how, seem to think they can only look at their one side of the story. We resisted, we were brutally beaten, it was wrong. We weren’t bothering anybody. We were just minding our business.

Nah…that’s just not true. Southerners were engaged, and deeply engaged, in an institution so brutal and so deeply disturbing it highly motivated their Northern neighbors to grind the South into dust to prevent the South from spreading that vicious mentality all over the country. The North wanted no parts of slavery as the South was implementing it. The North kept making that clear. The South refused to listen. That showdown was inevitable.

Today, if the South really wants to remember, it’s going to have to remember all of it. If the South really wants to recognition for the injustices it suffered, it’s going to have to recognize the injustices it also perpetrated.

Anything else, reads as lies and hypocrisies. And that’s what people are trying to tear down. All those lies and hypocrisies.

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