I understand why you feel that way. And I respect that. I wish I could agree. People are quickly losing faith in the entire system, I’m actually pretty moderate with regard to that. I’m at a point though, where I am choosing to put most of my energy into other things. Supporting the environment my way…because why in the world would I trust ANY of these politicians? They pretend to care, they bait and switch, and then they sell humanity and the land we inhabit down the river every single chance they get.

They do extremely destructive things, just to do it. Just to kill people, just to poison the earth…No other reason.

I just think we have to be honest about the political games being played and I think we have to say, nope, just not playing this game anymore. This game is no fun.

And I’m not Suggesting apathy either. I am suggesting that we ALL find new ways of channeling our energy into ways that don’t involve dinosaur, broken filthy corrupted systems. I am suggesting a shift in consciousness. I am suggesting that we’ve been feeding monsters for far too long. Suggesting that it’s time to stop.

It is time for something entirely different. It’s time for all of us to figure out what that is, and go for it.

Working with the Light!

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