I wanna say, lose the pin and just vote, because I don’t think you realize quite how dangerous and unhinged some of these people are becoming. Today, I noticed a man a lot like the one you described, doing the same thing to my sister-in-law. He was just staring at her intensely and hatefully. She didn’t notice. I didn’t say anything to her, because what good would that have done? But what was her crime? What caused this intense look of hatred to be thrown her way. She had no political paraphernalia of any kind, but what she does have is dark skin.

I’m African-American, and so honestly no stranger to racism, but I’ve never experienced such intensely random and hateful racism as that. I wanted to say something, do something — but I didn’t even make my sister-in-law aware of how she was being violated, because doing that would solve no problems and would probably escalate the situation and multiply the hate. I just observed the hate, with almost disbelief and fascination. What is wrong with people, that they allow themselves to become so twisted and warped and dark and sick over this election.

You can take a stand by showing up and voting and just not hating. But I wouldn’t wear the Hillary buttons in Trumpland, because these people have lost their everloving minds, and it’s just no telling what they’re gonna try to pull as the election desperation reaches a crescendo. Those people might try to hurt you. So just be careful. Be safe! We need you bringing your love and light and vote for all that is good. In these desperate times, we must not waste any energy on worthless causes. Just vote!

Working with the Light!

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