I want you to know that when you write things like this there are some who have fits and seizures. You really don’t get how deep this denial runs. It’s an abyss. I live in the South, so let me break it down for you, most Southerners desperately want their property back…and by property, they mean black people, whom they have never recognized as human.

You are asking these people to:

  1. Acknowledge that black people are human beings
  2. Admit it was wrong to enslave then
  3. Have blacks receive money for the atrocities committed against them, which they can’t even begin to acknowledge because they haven’t acknowledged black humanity.

Trump’s reaction to this whole ordeal is very typically Southern. I’d say probably 90% of white Southerners are in total agreement with Trump on this one, whether they care to own it or not…and probably 10 or 20% of Black Southerners too. Oh don’t ask its like some Stockholm syndrome or something. But there are plenty of Black Southerners who love all that confederate paraphernalia.

This is just to give you some insight on the deep mindf@ck that is Southern race relations.

Working with the Light!

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