I was following in agreement until this. Do you live in the South? Have you ever interacted with any Southern whites?

I mean believe me, I hear ya, there is no white monolith, just like there ain’t a black one…and yet there is quite a pervasive racist culture in the South, that is very different than the racism that exist in other parts of the country.

And the difference is control. Southern whites generally want to be assured, that they have total control over their black populations.

I knew a man, a CEO I once had the unfortunate experience of working for. He was from Alabama. Do you know what he was rumored to have said of the OJ Simpson verdict?

“That’s why in Alabama we lynch our niggers.”

Yep. They lynch “their niggers” in Alabama and ain’t a damn thing changed in Alabama-just look what the fuck crawls up out of that state. Jeff Sessions…ugh. The site of him makes me want to vomit.

So anyway…yeah, I hear ya. Maybe I am a little too excited about Marshall Mathers…I know he’s no saint. Yeah, you’re right, he didn’t have a whole lot to lose with what he said…but he didn’t have to say anything at all.

And now he’s got a lot of haters. My best friend called the whole video “visually unfortunate.” Which is to say, she thought it was poorly done and she did not like it.

I don’t know…I kinda loved it. Maybe he doesn’t always speak truth to power, but he speaks the truth, raw, cut and no chaser. I really dig that about him, and always have.

Working with the Light!