I was gonna say, just sounds to me like, white men complaining about the fact that most people don’t see the white male perspective as the absolute only perspective that matters, anymore. And who can blame them? If for decades you had been led to believe that being white and male automatically made you a demigod of a sort, and someone just up and changed the rules on you, wouldn’t you be a little bit pissy? Just a little? It’s understandable. And that is exactly what has happened In “Post modern” America.

Now white male rapists and sexual assaulters are gone be held accountable? Just like everyone else? WTF!!!! We gotta really shut this postmodern shift down! Shut it down!

Next they will be putting perfectly good white kids in jail for crimes they didn’t commit, just like they do the blacks and browns!

ps (it’s already happening).

Working with the Light!

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